Jeff Morton (Iman Binghi) is a solo recording artist in Honolulu, Hawaii. His music is a sort of hybrid between a concious Reggae, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Dub. While he is very interested in pushing his version of reggae into new and different directions, he is still very attached to and has much respect for the roots of reggae culture. 

While I love the newer artists of today, Gentleman, Alborosie, Noiseshaper, Prezident Brown, IWayne, I still always find time to listen to some old school Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Augustus Pablo, Everton Blender, or Lucky Dube. I love it all and have loved Reggae music since I discovered it about 22 yrs ago. I grew up listening to Papa Wabe radio shows in Baltimore, with hits from the Mystic Revealers, Steel Pulse and Luciano. But it all really started w/ The Songs of Freedom box when I was cruising wi/ my bro's vibin to Babylon System.

Currently I am working on producing the album Ites Revolution. A parallel revolution to the violence and greed fueling the airwaves, this revolution is of truth, roots, rights, justice, consciousness, love, and respect, reaching for the ites and heights of godliness. Through artists like Mishka, Nasio Fontaine and Daweh Congo, I seek to join this conscious, loving yet collectively realistic movement in forming a world of peace and unity.] 

Speak the truth, do not yield to anger; give, if thou art asked for little

Recently I have been working in conjunction with John Russell an incredibly talented musician, producer and good friend from the Bay area. 


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